Saturday, 20 July 2013

Time For A Change

These last few months have been weird, I've not been able to ride so spent my time sorting out out my bikes. The weird bit is I've never been more excited about a bike build yet neither bike is new, just had a bit of a refresh!

Up first is my Fourplay, new paint and new rims accompanied by a set of (temporary) brakes till I'm confident with my ankle again.

My other bike is my Marino, had a few problems sorting this out which has taken a long time to get finished but here she is all sorted. Geometry is bang on the money what I asked for, 1065 wheelbase, +70 BB, 675 reach, 73° head angle though I've had to run the chainstays at 367 instead of the originally planned 357 due to the rotor catching the caliper. Still I'm more than happy with the finish and from the little mess about I've had it feels perfect!

Must say a big thanks to Adam and the guys at Tartybikes for helping me sort the rims out for my Inspired, Josh at JAF Bikes for getting the rotors on the Marino to me and Lucy at Indiprint for the excellent design and print job of the Marino graphics, cheers guys!

More pics of the Inspired can be found here and the Marino here.